Feldpartitur Saas Micro

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Feldpartitur is an innovative system software designed to help qualitative social researchers transcribe video data (Videotranscription).

With Feldpartitur, video information is gathered diagrammatically over a timeline by means of written signs and visual symbols.

Screenshot: Transcription of the music video for “TiK ToK” by the singer Ke$ha. Framing with the integrated video player (loop function, slow motion). Subscript signs from notescript, transcript and codescript can be seen on the transcription chart.

With Feldpartitur, video data are no longer exclusively translated into textual data (code-switching). Instead, they are gathered on a transcription chart between X- and Y-axes (hence the German metaphor of a “Partitur”).Feldpartitur is thus the answer to often-invoked problems of capturing the simultaneity and linearity of video data.

The current beta-version features five editor modes:

  • “framing“: depicts visual components through frame-by-frame analyses.
  • “transcript” (TS): transcribes spoken language based on prevalent standards of textual transcription.
  • “notescript” (NS): notates symbols within a definitive frame of reference.
  • “codescript” (CS): supports the meaning-generating process through macro-processual coding and interpretation of events in the video.
  • “text” (TXT): verbal description of the events in the video.

The Feldpartitur system is currently being used in the video categories

  • of behavioural observation (for example, in communication and interaction in a field of research)
  • commercial media (for example, films, TV, music videos, advertisements)
  • self-produced videos (for example, amateur films, animation, documentaries)
  • videocasts (for example, web 2.0-applications, learning strategies)

Feldpartitur is used in various phases of the research process:

  • Feldpartitur serves as an instrument of analysis with which the identification of relevant video components and conceptual elaboration of data occurs successively in a cyclical research process.
  • It serves as an instrument of presentation to publish or demonstrate video based results or key sequences of data, especially when sensitive visual data are not freely given for publication purposes.
  • It serves as a written transcript and/or data matrix for further quantitative (export in Excel, SPSS) and qualitative (pdf-Export in MaxQDA, atlas.ti etc.) analysis.
  • It serves as an instrument of qualification for teaching sessions within a seminar or working group.

The software was developed with cutting-edge technology in order to meet the highly technical demands of working with video. Researchers work during the transcription process with selected video cutingss comfortably under stringent encryption security standards (SSL) from a high-performance server using an Internet cloud. This feature, along with the integration of the video player, relieves researches from the hassle of always changing video formats. Most of all, the cloud enables work on projects within an international team or a seminar in your university.

Although the software meets the highest modern standards, we want it to be affordable for students: a discount package with reduced features was especially designed for those writing masters and doctoral theses.