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Feldpartitur Software

Feldpartitur SaaS

Feldpartitur SaaS micro

The good practices of cloud technology based SaaS-Application („Software as a Service“) allows method independent use of high-complexed film- and video-analysis in the field of qualitative social researches for studies with small video volume: short-term-projects or doctoral theses use this type of software for media analysis or media observation, for video-based approaches in film- and media- science, empirical psychology and cognitive sciences, communikation studies, sociology, educational sciences – and many other disciplines.

Feldpartitur OnSite

Feldpartitur OnSite

Many institutes have need for permanent use of the software Feldpartitur for analysing and transcribing their video data in research and academic training. The combination of manual and automatical processes (modular system) allows an adapted use to your special requirements. » Details micro OnSite Feldparitur Micro OnSite installation allows the qualitative micro analysis of video. All advantages of an internet based software are maintained: you work at all times and places, in single accounts by yourself or in close collaboration with your partner.

Feldpartitur Archive

Feldpartitur Archive

Feldpartitur Archive software allows intelligent video management in your video archive for the individual keywording in combination with notes, pictures, audios or other sort of data. The estabilished line-based view of Feldpartitur software surface performing simultaneous appearance of contents in the video. Clients are film producers, movie makers, press, TV and radio broadcasters, Advertising and many others.

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Individual Software Solutions

Ein so komplexer Datentypus wie das Video erfordert in vielen Fällen eine individuelle Softwarelösung, weil verfügbare Videosoftware nicht zum eigenen Anwendungsbereich passt. Die Adaption der Standardsoftware Feldpartitur hinsichtlich Suchoptionen, Kombination mit manuellen Verschlagwortungsverfahren, Kompatibilität der bei Ihnen vor Ort vorfindlichen Softwareumgebung sowie Einzelfunktionen wie z.B. die Korpuserstellung oder Untertitelung von Videos sind über dieser Produktlinie durch ein Pay-per-use-Modell extrem kostengünstig herstellbar. » Kontakt

Screenshot: Transcription of the music video for “TiK ToK” by the singer Ke$ha. Framing with the integrated video player (loop function, slow motion). Subscript signs from notescript, transcript and codescript can be seen on the transcription chart.