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Feldpartitur Service

You have transcription needs but would rather not buy software or take part in our thematic workshops about video transcription? Send us your transcription questions, and we will provide you with an offer for a basic transcription, or for a transcription that follows your predetermined coding scheme. Our trained transcription personnel work quickly, efficiently, and therefore cost-effectively.

Transcription Service

You would prefer to leave a video transcription to someone else? Then simply use our transcription service! Basic Transcription We offer basic transcriptions that follow guidelines. The transcription of spoken language (with one or more speakers) as well as a film’s structural characteristics fall under our Basic Transcription service. Our skilled personnel produce fast and therefore extremely cost-effective transcriptions. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll provide an offer that perfectly suits your needs. After our service, you can of course further edit the transcription. Kontakt >> Coding Scheme Additional to the basic service, you would like a video’s transcription to follow a predetermined coding schematic? Send us your request, and perhaps we can help. Our first-rate personnel have experience with coding visual data. Here, we can also provide an offer that perfectly suits your needs. Kontakt >>